Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mentally Tough Performer of Week #7: Drew Doughty

This week's mentally tough performer came down to overtime and between Martin Brodeur and Drew Doughty. With the Kings winning 2-1 again in overtime in Game 2 I decided to choose Doughty as the Mentally Tough Player of the Week for week 7 of the 2012 NHL Playoffs.

Doughty has opened the scoring in Game 2 with an end-to-end rush. He has been a steadying force on the backline for the Kings and a constant threat to create offense. In this low scoring series offense from the defense will be huge as the forwards are struggling to create many scoring opportunities in close.

What sets Doughty apart is his fearlessness to join the rush and his confidence with the puck in tight spaces and under pressure. While he makes a mistake with the puck here and there, far more good things happen when Doughty is lugging the puck. He makes plays consistently throughout a game and is a constant force for the Kings.

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