Consulting Services

Dr. Larry Lauer, CC-AASP
Championship Performance Consulting: 
Achieving Excellence by Training the Mind

Many players feel that as much as 90% of the game of hockey is mental. NHL players routinely talk about how mental toughness, confidence, focus, teamwork, and leadership will either make or break them in the playoffs.

Dr. Lauer is the founder of Championship Performance Consulting (CPC) and an AASP certified sport psychology consultant (Association of Applied Sport Psychology). The CPC mission is to help athletes, coaches, and teams reach their goals by maximizing their mental game. The focus of the consulting relationship is based on an assessment of the team's or player's needs.

Consultations may focus on mental toughness, performing under pressure and dealing with anxiety, building resilient confidence, developing core leadership within the team, changing a team culture, enhancing commitment to training, dealing with setbacks to give some examples.

CPC offers individual and team consulting, coach and parent education, leadership training, team building, and motivational and educational talks. The approach is educational in nature; I teach players skills they can use under pressure to perform and eventually through a commitment to training and using the skills in competition they become their own mental coach.

Dr. Lauer's success with athletes of all ages and competitive levels is due to four pillars of a systematic approach.

1. Customization - no cookie-cutter programs; programs are customized for the client.
2. Expertise - over 15 years working with athletes and teams of all ages and competitive levels.
3. Practical - the focus is on mastering proven skills that are used in game situations and under pressure.
4. Professional - the rights of the client are protected and private communications are confidential.

To schedule a meeting or workshop contact Dr. Lauer via email.