Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Post on the Hockey Edge Blog

To readers of the Hockey Edge Blog...
This will be my last post on the Hockey Edge Blog. I appreciate you reading the posts and giving comments. I hope you found the posts to be informative and interesting.
I have decided to take a new path, I have left Michigan State University and I am closing my consulting business. I have accepted the Mental Skills Specialist position with the United States Tennis Association Player Development department. I will spend almost all of my time consulting and working with world-class tennis players and coaches. For this new position I will move to Boca Raton, Florida to the USTA PD headquarters.
Due to the need to focus 100% on the needs of our American coaches and tennis players from professional to junior I will no longer be consulting with hockey nor writing about it in blogs and the Hockey Edge newsletter. This obviously was a big decision, I am very passionate about hockey and helping those in the game. While I will no longer be contributing my insights in the blog world you can trust that I will be following the game closely, and always feel free to reach out for assistance or just to say hi.

I wish you the best in your hockey endeavors, and in life. Keep supporting the great game of hockey by doing what you do!