Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lundqvist's Mental Preparation for Game 7

Going into a big game finding the right mindset is as important as being physically ready. Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers is preparing for Game 7 versus Washington by taking a mental break first before he ramps up his focus and intensity.

This article comes from Dave Lozo at

Lundqvist ready mentally for another do-or-die game

Any young goalie should read this article. It gives great insights into the mindset of an all-world goaltender as he prepares for one of the biggest games of his life. Great quotes about not trying to focus too much on the game and taking a mental break because the playoffs are physically, psychologically, and emotionally draining. Furthermore, loved the quote about managing the emotions of the game. You have to get to an appropriate intensity. In Game 7 it is easy to get high; players should attempt to stay relaxed in what will be a rocking Madison Square Garden.

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