Friday, September 30, 2011

Hockey Edge 2011-2012

Hello all! I am back and ready to begin blogging on the 2011-2012 NHL season. A great deal has happened since Boston won the Stanley Cup. Many teams shook up their rosters looking for the right mixture to win a Stanley Cup. Great veterans like Teemu Selanne decided to return while others (Mike Modano) decided to retire. And, many rookies will be trying to break through on a NHL roster.

There will be many stories to discuss for sure that shed insight into what is happening at the professional level of hockey, but also more importantly how it might apply to level to which you are coaching or competing. I will drop the puck when the NHL does on October 6th with a preview of some interesting mental dynamics and things to look for. My plan is to post once per week until the playoffs where again I will be posting multiple times per week.

Can smell that fresh ice already. It is time to get this season going!

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