Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mentally Tough Performer of the Week (Week 7) - Manny Maholtra

Mental toughness is often seen as the player scoring the big goal or making the big save. The ability to execute under pressure is most certainly a key component of mental toughness. So to is coming back from an injury and providing inspiration to your team and city. Manny Maholtra's return to the Canucks lineup in Game 2 of the Finals not only reinserts a strong role player that takes face offs and kills penalties but it provided a lift to a team hampered by injuries.

Malholtra is the mentally tough performer of the week for Week 7. Malholtra won all but one of his face offs but also stirred an emotional response from the crowd. His return also energized a team dealing with the pressure of the expectation as the favorite to win the Cup and the distraction of Alex Burrows biting incident. Malholtra is the type of role player that every team needs in the pursuit of winning the Stanley Cup. While his contributions are not always easy to calculate, the return of Manny Malholtra and the toughness required to come back from a devastating injury are an inspiration.

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