Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mentally Tough Performer of the Week (Week 3): Tim Thomas

Ok, so you are going to believe that I only pick goaltenders for the mentally tough performer of the week. But, let's give them credit. They play a pressure position and can feel like they are out on an island.

Tim Thomas, goaltender for the Boston Bruins is the mentally tough performer of the week. He has been spectacular for the B's in the first 3 games against Philly. In Game 2 Thomas made over 50 saves, many of them spectacular saves against a hard-driving James Van Riemsdyk. Thomas has remained cool and calm in the net, and created an air of invincibility that has given the Bruins extreme confidence, and the Flyers fits of frustration. If Thomas continues to make enormous reaction saves the B's could well be playing for the Cup.

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