Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hockey Edge NHL puck drop/Predictions for final few playoff spots

As I wrote earlier April 6 is the day I truly start blogging about the NHL. With the playoffs looming it's time to discuss who will make the final playoff spots.

As I write Anaheim is jumping on San Jose 3-1 and has a 5 on 3. Uh, make that 4-1 on Perry's 50th goal of the season (and a hat trick). The Ducks have some serious firepower and will be a dangerous team in the playoffs. Oh, yeah I definitely think the Ducks will get in.  Selanne is still playing great hockey and the Ducks are getting career seasons from Visnovsky and Perry.

The winner of the Phoenix-LA game will be in, and soon enough the loser of the game. Chicago's OT winner from Toews tonight puts both Calgary and Dallas in the position of having to gain every point in the last games. I like Chicago to get in and Dallas and Calgary to miss narrowly.

In the East fewer teams are involved fighting for 2 playoff spots. Buffalo only needs a win and the Rangers 3 points to get to the magical playoff threshold of 94 points. As much as I like Carolina's young team I don't think they will be able to catch the Sabres or Rangers. The Sabres have Philly and Columbus, and the Rangers the Thrashers and Devils. I think they will get to at least 94 points leaving the Hurricanes again on the outside looking in.

Like all predictions these could be way off, but that's what makes it fun. Oh and now it's 6-1 Ducks. Who wants them in the playoffs?

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